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About YAM

Software that optimizes and organizes Human Capital Management.

Fast implementation

YAM is 100% WEB and requires no installation. Loading
the collectors
of Users, Staff and Organizational Structure,
you can start using it.

Modular service

You can use only what you need adapted to your Company.


Confidentiality contract. Automatic backups.
SSL Security Certificate. Audit with session
logs, accesses and data.

Adaptable to different devices. Multi-language.
Variable text size. Customizable skin.
Internal messaging.

Multi-language support

Integrated Help Desk Web application, to
direct and document the service process that IT
support performs for your company`s staff.


Continuous improvement of the system, based on
the proposals of our clients. Programming of interfaces with
other systems. Access through PowerBI


We have modules adaptable to every need.

Organizational structure

Compulsory module

Personnel file
Organizational structure (Management, Areas and Sectors)
Definition of positions
Organization chart

Staff Administration

Detailed personnel file
Accident, Incident and Inspection Tracking
Licenses and permits
Clothing deliveries
Digital receipt uploads
Request for confirmation of personal data

Assist Control

Entering clock marks of biometric devices
Administrative trademarks entry
Vista general assistance, linking Licensing, Penalties and holidays mod. of administration
Detailed view of the Personal Assistance
Traffic light deviation from schedule compliance

Health and safety

Work plans with calendar
Accident, Incident and Inspection Tracking
EPP deliveries
Training Registration
Automatic notices
Graphical reports

Occupational health

Patient history
Consulting room
Occupational diseases
Accidents / Incidents
Sick leave
Medical examinations
Training Registration


Registration requirements
Training schedule
Training schedule
Attendance Record
Training Evaluation
Automatic notices
Graphical reports

Climate Surveys

Configuration dimensions
Survey Manager
Automatic notices
Reports graphics surveys and dimensions

Performance evaluation

Manual Skills
Quantitative and qualitative evaluations
Mass generation of evaluations
Record of evidence
Automatic notices

Talent Management

Potential Staff
Critical posts
Key people
Talent Matrix (performance vs. potential)
Criticality matrix (vs. Key Since Critical Person)
Career plans


YAM is the result of the union of two leading companies in its segment

Management Consultants

For more than 19 years we have been dedicated to providing solutions in People Management.

With a comprehensive vision, we work with our clients as strategic partners in Human Capital Management.

We are a team of Professionals with solid experience and track record in Human Capital Management, as well as in the field of advice and consulting.

We have a strong commitment to Quality and therefore we seek to be an instrument in the application of Technologies and Innovation.

We aim to become a solid support for our Clients in the application of People management tools.

PuntoCom S.A.

PUNTOCOM S.A. is an endeavor destined to accompany companies from all over the world in the development and maintenance of new technologies necessary for the growth of their businesses.

Based in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, we intend to provide an innovative, professional and responsible service that allows increasing the productivity of the Client´s initiatives.

In short, at PUNTOCOM S.A. We work to satisfy the technological needs of our clients, developing quality and excellent computer systems that allow them to trust the services and technology that we make available to them on a daily basis..

Our clients

The following companies trust our service


System YAM


System YAM


System YAM


System YAM


System YAM

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System YAM


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System YAM


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System YAM

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System YAM

IGNIS Media Agency

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Mendoza Fiduciaria

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System YAM


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Quiroga Agencia de Medios

System YAM

Rekkam74 SRL

System YAM


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System YAM


System YAM


System YAM

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